Class X Result 2016

Mission & Vision

(Managing Director)

In Pursuance of providing quality education in this locality as conceptualized by Late Mimi Doma Kazi, her daughter, Mrs. Tashi Chyozam has since taken over as Managing Director of the school.

Admission Information

The session commences from the month of February and is divided into three terms; February to May being the first term with a short break for the summer, the second Term starts from June till August and the final Term from September to December.

Our Curriculum

Our students have the facility to be a part of whatever breakthrough being made in the field of education, anywhere in India and the world. Our students won't be, the deprived lot, just because of the remoteness of the place. We believe they are our world citizens.

Events & Programme
Green Mission Day & Social Activities

On the occasion of "Green Mission Day" celebrated all over the country, the school had organised "Cleanliness Drive" in and around Sombarey Bazar. The management of Wood Stock High School had organised visits to Ribdi...